My professor was kind enough to provide us with sample inputs…. My professor was kind enough to provide us with sample inputs.Little Y worked in a cash trade office. The cash trade office acknowledges only two sorts of vouchers: memorial voucher A (warmly alluded to as voucher A) and dedicatory voucher B. (from this time forward known as voucher B). Every customer that has a voucher has their own record. The quantity of vouchers moved by a customer might be a real number.The two sorts of vouchers each have their own value out of the blue, and every unit of a voucher might be traded for some measure of money that day. We notice that on day K, the upsides of vouchers An and B are AK and BK (dollars/unit voucher), separately.To make exchanges more straightforward for customers, the trade community utilizes the proportion trade strategy. The proportion trade strategy has two particular angles:Selling vouchers: the customer determines the selling proportion as a genuine number Operation in the reach [0, 100]. This suggests that OP% of voucher An and OP% of voucher B are traded for cash at the current rate.Buying vouchers: the customer pays IP dollars, which the trade community uses to buy vouchers. Also, the proportion of the upsides of vouchers An and B on day K happens to approach RateK.Little Y is an exceptionally upright laborer. After a sensibly extended time of performing activities and market assessments, he definitely knows what the upsides of vouchers An and B, just as the rate, will be in the following N days. He needs to decide the best measure of money (in dollars) that might be obtained after N days on the off chance that one starts with S dollars.Arrangement of InformationThe primary line incorporates two positive numbers N and S, which demonstrate the quantity of days that minuscule Y’s can estimate and the underlying measure of money.The K-th line of the following N lines incorporates three real numbers: AK, BK, and RateK.Arrangement of the YieldProduce a solitary genuine figure, MaxProfit, showing the best measure of money in dollars that can be procured once movements of every kind on the N-th day have been finished, with three decimal spots accuracy. Your reaction is considered exact if the outright contrast among it and the right reaction is under 0.001.I only need the results and explanation now.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologySoftware engineering CS 341

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