Modify the python Programmingnew python programDirections: 5 to a in which input, weighted scores, grades and output are carriedout by separate functions.Call a function called get Data to input data from input file (get the input file name from the user) then return them in a list to your main program Call a function called calculateWeightedScore, passing test1, test2 to calculate and return weighted score Call a function called gradeWeightedScore to determine and return the letter grade Call a function called printResults to print the results for that studentYou must write pre and post condition comments at top of each function after function headerExampledef factorial (n):Precondition: This function requires an integer as parrameter “n”# Postcondition: It will return the following:# N! if n> 0 # 1 if n==0 # no answer if n < 0Main Program: def main(): inputList=getDate() i=0 for line in inputList: name=inputList(i) test1=inputList(i+1) test2=inputList(i+2) weightedScore=caculateWeightedScore(test1,test2) grade=gradeWeightedScore(weightedScore) printResults(name,weightedScore,grade) i=i+3Programing 5Write a python program to input names and 2 test scores (each in 0.0 to 100.0 range) for several students from an input file.( input the file name in the program)Calculate weighted score, then grade each student.The Screen output should be: List of student names, weighted scores and grades: Bugs Bunny 95.5 Aand so on...Each test worth 50%Directions:Each line in input file contains a name and two test scores for each student.Use floating point type for all numeric variable names.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming COMP 165

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