MackAir is a rapidly growing airline promising people… MackAir is a rapidly growing airline promising people environmentally sensitive flight. One of MackAir’s top competitive priorities is on-time arrivals. Each week for the past 30 weeks, Quality VP Jay Bondi has checked a random sample of 100 flight arrivals for on-time arrival and tracked the number of flights that did not meet MackAir’s definition of “on time”.This information is given in the tab Late Flights.Calculate the overall percentage of late flights and 99% upper and lower control limits of a p-chart for this situation.Assume that the airline industry’s 99% upper and lower control limits for the percentage of flights that are not on time are 10% and 4%, respectively. How do these compare with the MackAir’s control limits in (a)? Comment.Plot the percentage of late flights in each sample. Is the process that “produces” delayed flights at MackAir under control?What can VP Bondi report about the quality of service? Summarize in 4-5 linesPlease show excel formulas.Number of late flights out of 100 randomly selected flightsSample (Week)Late Flights 110 212 311 412 511 68 78 814 9111013111412121391491581614171118919820142112228231124112513261027112882911309MathStatistics and Probability INFO 564

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