LEARNING AND MEMORY PSYCHOLOGY QUESTIONS : The remember/know… LEARNING AND MEMORY PSYCHOLOGY QUESTIONS :The remember/know judgment, as a research task, generated behavioral evidence that people treated their own memories as being one of the two types.Has neuroimaging supported this belief?What are some variables that affect methods of retrieval?What are connectionist models?General Questions:What is anterograde amnesia?What is retrograde amnesia?Name one individual made famous because of his/her retrograde amnesia.Are semantic and episodic memory distinct?Please elaborate and provide evidence that supports your answer.What part of the brain is activated during memory encoding?What part of the brain is activated during memory retrieval?Please describe the hierarchical network.What are some problems with this model?What is the spreading activation model?What are some of the pros of this model?Please define semantic memory.Please investigate (and describe) the Bransfort and Franks (1971) study.Do people with anterograde amnesia know they have it?What are the 4 types of amnesia?Is retrograde amnesia permanent?Video Questions:Please watch:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omphbdtaw3sPlease describe the Professor’s example of retrograde amnesia. What happened to cause the retrograde amnesia?Did he also have anterograde amnesia? Immediately after the trauma how long was his memory?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BhGYGb1r0wPlease describe Christian’s accident.What problems did he have the 1st day he went back to work/school? (His first job – not the restaurant which was easier for him.)Does he believe that anyone else can understand him?Has he been able to combine the two pieces of himself ?Social SciencePsychology PSYCH MISC

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