JUST THE ANSWERS PLEASE 1) If the actual odds against event A are… JUST THE ANSWERS PLEASE1) If the actual odds against event A are a:b, thenP(A) = b/(a+b). Find the probability of Millennium winning his next race, giventhat the actual odds against his winning are 3:5.2) A double-blind experiment is designed to test the effectiveness of the drug Statisticzene as a treatment for number blindness. When treatedwith Statisticzene, subjects seem to show improvement. Researchers calculate thatthere is a 0.04 probability that the treatment group would show improvement if thedrug has no effect. What should you conclude about the effectiveness of Statisticzene?3) If P(A) =3/11, P(B) = 4/11 and P(A or B) = 7/11, what do you know aboutevents A and B?4) If P(A) = 5/18, P(B) = 11/18, and P(A or B) = 13/18, what do you know aboutevents A and B?5) Find the probability that no two people have the same birthday whenthe number of randomly selected people is 3.6) Two cards are to be randomly selected without replacement from ashuffled deck. Find the probability of getting an ace on the first card and a spade onthe second card.7) A statistics professor tosses two coins that cannot be seen by any students. One student asks if one of the coins turned up heads. Given that the professor’sresponse is “yes,” find the probability that both coins turned up heads. Use an exact fraction or round to 4 decimals.8) A common computer programming rule is that names of variables must be between 1 and 8 characters long. Thefirst character can be any of the 26 letters, while successive characters can be any ofthe 26 letters or any of the 10 digits. For example, allowable variable names are A,BBB, and M3477K. How many different variable names are possible?MathStatistics and Probability STA 2023

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