Interactive Probability Table (Discrete Distributions) Apps: Under… Interactive Probability Table(Discrete Distributions)Apps: Under Special Distributions select Special Distribution Calculator.Note: The “x” is the value of the random variable. The area, q, given is cumulative. (It answers the “less than” question.) The graphical representation is given for both the pdf and the cdf.For each question below, name the relevant distribution and its parameters, then use the applet to calculate the probability.A local drugstore owner knows that, on average, 10 people per hour stop by his store. What is the probability that exactly 12 people stop by during the next hour?Distribution: PoissonParameters: x == 12Poisson == 10Probability: .095The probability that a person living in town owns a dog is 0.3. Suppose that 19 people are randomly selected (with replacement) and interviewed. Find the probability that fewer than 5 of the people own dogs.Distribution:BinomialParameters:n == 19p == .3Probability: .192Twenty students, of whom 7 are not of legal drinking age, go out one night. The guy at the door randomly checks the identification of 5 of them. What is the probability that they all get in?Distribution:Parameters:Probability:The probability that a person will die from the flu is 0.02. Find the probability that more than 5 of the next 100 flu victims will die.Distribution:Parameters:Probability:Among 100 employees, 30 are women. Five employees are selected for a special assignment. Find the probability that fewer than 2 women are selected.Distribution:Parameters:Probability:The probability of observing a rare speckled owl on any given day is .16.a. Find the probability that the first spotted owl is observed on the 4th day.Distribution:Parameters:Probability:b. Find the probability that the 4th spotted owl is observed on the 8th day.Distribution:Parameters:Probability:MathStatistics and Probability MS 302

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