in this task, you will complete a physical survey of your home toidentify which electric safety measures are in place and any possible hazards that might exist. Look around your residence and conduct research as needed to answer the following questions.If you find exposed electrical wires or any other potential hazard, do not investigate it any further yourself. Call a licensed electrician to fix the problem!Locate your fuse or breaker panel. Fuses and breakers will have numbers on them to indicate the current flow, in amperes, beyond which they will break the circuit. What is the lowest-rated fuse or breaker(s) in your panel? What is the highest-rated fuse or breaker(s) in your panel?If the fuses or breakers in question 1 are labelled, record what they are connected to. If they are not labelled, can you guess what they might be connected to?Examine the outlets in your home. How many outlets have connections for only 2-pronged plugs, meaning they are not grounded?How many outlets have connections for 3-pronged plugs, meaning they could be grounded?How many GFCI outlets are in your home?Are there any locations outside, near a sink or tub, or other wet or damp locations that are not protected by a GFCI?Conduct research to determine at least 5 other devices or procedures that can help to ensure safety around electricity. Use the CRAAP test below to evaluate the credibility of the web sites you use in your research. Explain, using the concepts of current, voltage and resistance, how each device or procedure helps to ensure safety.SciencePhysics CHE TFGH

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