In one experiment, the researchers had 294 participants tour a… In one experiment, the researchers had 294 participants tour a real-life museum exhibit of Etruscan artifacts. The participants stashed their belongings before starting the tour but some were allowed to keep a camera on them. Those with a camera could photograph anything they wanted in the exhibit and were told to take at least 10 photos. As the participants toured the exhibit, they listened to an accompanying audio guide.At the end of the tour, they answered multiple-choice questions asking them to identify objects they had seen or complete factual statements from the audio guide.The results showed that those who took photos visually recognized more of the objects compared with those who didn’t have a camera. But they also remembered auditory information approximately as well as their camera-less peers.1. Based only on this description, the study seems to have been a 2×2 factorial design. One of the independent variables (IV) is “type of memory.”What are its 2 levels?What is the other independent variable and its levels?MathStatistics and Probability PSYC 302

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