In a gallup telephone survey conducted on April 9-10, 2013, the personbeing interviewed was asked if he would vote for a law in his state that would increase the gas tax up to 20 cents a gallon, with the new gas tax money going to improve roads and bridges and build more mass transportation in his state. Possible responses were vote for, vote against, and no opinion. Two hundred ninety five respondents said they would vote for the law, 672 said they would vote against the law, and 51 said they had no opinion (gallup website, June 14, 2013).a. Do the responses for this question provide categorical or quantitative data?- Select your answer -Categorical or QuantitativeItem 1b. What was the sample size for this gallup poll?c. What percentage of respondents would vote for a law increasing the gas tax (to the nearest whole number)?%d. Do the results indicate general support for or against increasing the gas tax to improve roads and bridges and build more mass transportation?- Select your answer -Support forSupport againstItem 4MathStatistics and Probability BUSINESS 69335O2

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