In 1965, a company called Educational and Psychological Films… In 1965, a company called Educational and Psychological Films produced a series of therapy vignettes called “the Gloria Tapes,” featuring the same woman, Gloria, in therapy sessions with the founders of three important psycho-therapeutic approaches: Carl Rogers (client-centered), Fritz Perls (Gestalt), and Albert Ellis (rational emotive). For this week’s discussion, first watch the video After viewing, please answer the following questions:1.) Identify and describe the basic counselling strategies that you see Carl Rogers using with Gloria. In your assessment, how effective were these techniques in beginning this therapeutic alliance?2.) What do you think about the relationship between Rogers and his client? Do they seem to like each other? Does the client seem comfortable?3.) In this video, in what ways are Rogers’ strategies consistent with what you know about client-centered theory? (i.e., unconditional positive regard, empathy, genuineness).4.) In what ways are his strategies inconsistent with what you know or what you expected client-centered therapy to look like?5.) What appeals to you about this session? What do you not like about it? What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of this approach as compared to psycho-dynamic therapy?Social SciencePsychology PSYC 3520

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