I’m endeavoring to paint a wingdings character. Nothing shows up on… I’m endeavoring to paint a wingdings character.Nothing shows up on the screen.SQUARE is a relative of RECT.I’ve managed the code.I’m sure that my areas and square size are precise.hfont is introduced.The former style is set to nothing.temp contains a person (that is, a person from the debugger’s person set).Different pieces of the square ought to be painted appropriately.SQUARE::Draw Star void (hdc){DT CENTER | DT VCENTER | DT SINGLELINE; int fmt = DT CENTER | DT VCENTER | DT SINGLELINE;Hfont;star = wchar t 171;LPCSTR facename approaches “Wingdings”;/Utilizing wide characters with CStringW temp;HGDIOBJ past ual style;int rslt;hfont = CreateFontA ( hfont = CreateFontA (16,/cHeigth16,/cWidth0/cEscapement,0/cOrientation,FW DONTCARE,/cWeight,0/bItalic,0/bUnderline,0/bStrikeOut,ANSI CHARSET,/iCharSet0/iOutPrecision,0/iClipPrecision,0/iQuality,0/iPitchAndFamily,facename/pszFaceName);in the event that (hfont is equivalent to Invalid)EXC CREATEFONT; throw EXC CREATEFONT;hdc, &hfont); past ual style = SelectObject(hdc, &hfont);temp.AppendChar(star);Draw(hdc, temp, 1, this, fmt); rslt = Draw(hdc, temp, 1, this, fmt);in the event that (rslt approaches 0)EXC DRAW;ObjectSelect(hdc, past ual style);DeleteObject(hfont);}I’ve additionally been trying out OutW. It had no impact.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologySoftware engineering CS 341

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