I’m an trying to get ready for an exam. Could someone please help me with these questions, so I can make sure I’m learning this correctly? 5) A researcher wants to gather information on the total areas of the different U.S. States. He collects data on the sizes of all the states and the results are shown below. Continuing with the problem from the previous page: m) Compute the lower and upper fences. Area of State (mi^2) 665.4 268.6 163.7 147 121.6 114 110.6 104.1 98.4 97.8 96.7 86.9 84.9 33.6 82.3 77.3 77. 71.3 70.7 69.9 69.7 65.8 65.5 59.4 57.9 56.3 54.6 53.8 53.2 52.4 52.4 48.4 46.1 44.8 42.8 42.1 40.4 36.4 35.4 32 24.2 12.4 10.9 10.6 9.6 9.3 8.7 5.5 2.5 1.5 a) What is the unit for the variable “area of state”? n) Do there appear to be any outliers? Explain. b) What type of data is the variable “Area of State”? (Circle one) Qualitative Quantitative, Discrete Quantitative, Continuous c) What appears to be the shape of the distribution? Explain. o) Michigan has an area of 96 thousand square miles. Compute its z-score. d) Which measure of central tendency should be used with these data? Explain. p) Montana is the 94th percentile for area.Explain what this means. Be specific. e) Find the standard deviation f) Find the variance g) Is the appropriate symbol for the above standard deviation o or s? h) Interpret the mean and standard deviation in the con of the situation. i) Find the first quartile j) Find the third quartile k) Find the range I) Find the Interquartile Range… Show more MathStatistics and Probability MATH 133

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