I have written some codes for my assignment – it’s related to… I have written some codes for my assignment – it’s related to hyperparameter tuning, feature selection, training and fitting a model. However, I have written my codes on a Jupyter Notebook. but I need to submit my codes in a .py file which my lecturer will run the .py file and generate a TSV file which will be used to score my model.However, within my codes, there are a few blocks of hyperparameter tuning and feature selection codes (which requires a few hours to generate the output for the best hyperparameters to be used), how can I ask python to skip these few blocks of code, so that when my lecturer run my .py file, it will automatically skip through the hyperparameter tuning and feature selection part, and get the output to generate the TSV file to score my run?He mentioned to do something like this, but I have no idea how to do it. Can someone help me with this?”The best way to setup your main loop in the python script is to have a flag called “sweep” that if set to true, would run the full sweep. By default, you can leave it set to False where the best parameters get preset and a huge sweep doesn’t run. It would then just generate the output file we want (a 3 column tsv file) and would use the data files named the same (test.tsv, train.tsv) in the same directory. We would save your original run and make sure it was reproducible from the code. If you are unfamiliar with a “main loop”, see this code snippet to explain the right way to do it:def parameter_sweep(): # Something that takes a long time return parametersif __name__ == “__main__”: sweep = False if sweep == True: # Set some parameters. else: parameters = run_paramater_sweep()”Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming DATA COSC2670

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