I did not perform that well in my recent weekend-long assignment for python. please share the individual answers and explanations to each of the following 7 questions, the marking rubric is also attached. It’s very long but I need all the help I can get, highly appreciated! Marks will be awarded for correctness,considering: the function signaturematches the description g… Show more… Show moreQuestion 1. Design a function called get smallestthat takes as arguments three integervalues and the function re… Show more… Show moreQuestion 2. Design a function called get time inseconds that takes the following fourarguments in this order: a… Show more… Show moreQuestion 3. Design a function calledget_average_speed that takes thefollowing five arguments i… Show more… Show moreQuestion 4. Design a function calledget_box_charge that calculates theamount to be charge for … Show more… Show moreQuestion 5. Design a function calledget_order_charge that calculates theamount to be charged on … Show more… Show moreQuestion 6. Design a function called place orderthat determines whether an accounthas sufficient funds to pla… Show more… Show moreQuestion 7. Do not attempt this problem before atleast watching the videos on strings inSept 28 module. We will … Show more… Show moreComputer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming CSC CSC-110

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