I am reading a Social Psychology book. And there is an analyzing… I am reading a Social Psychology book. And there is an analyzing part.Describe (briefly) the relevance of each of the six KEY TERMSto the paragraph (Social loafing, social facilitation, group polarization, Normative conformity, Informational conformity, Social desirability).”An optimal student during my high school would be both excelling academically and socially. These two are the things that I could associate as optimal since academically, it’ll surely help in preparation for college. Academic success doesn’t only make your parents proud but yourself as well in making you feel like your best is enough. Socially, if one socializes, the student do one’s best in engaging with people and attending to extracurricular activities.An optimal college student is someone who loves one’s course and sticks to those who are real ones. These are something I truly get that if one truly loves the course, that student will get a high chance of graduation, given that he/she enjoys reading and loves doing everything he/she can. Yet, if that student is alone, it’ll be a bit off since there are really groupings in college that will save your life. Therefore, sticking to those who are real will help you achieve your goals and help you be a better you.The different changes between high school and college affect in such a way that firstly, students felt that indeed, we grow as a person and our minds too, get mature. Yet, we’re still setting the same goal which is to graduate. Secondly, the moment they realize stuff, it’ll help them change for the betterment of themselves. Lastly, as they grow and change, students feel motivated in school which then helps them acquire grit, positive psychology which means motivation towards a long-term goal.”PsychologySocial ScienceSocial Psychology ENL 1825

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