Hi Tutor, Please smooth out.Discussion Thread: Incarnational Apologetics -ReplyHellos Diane, I also really agree with what you wrote: “Evangelism is expressing what I possess in Christ and explaining how I came to possess it.” “Effective evangelism will require preaching the gospel (proclamation/informational) and living the truth (affirmation/incarnational).”I always feel I don’t know enough to share my faith. If the “incarnational” apologeticsis more suitable for me between the “incarnational” apologetics and “informational” apologetics, it is because I think that I do not know God’s Word well. Fortunately, in this class, as you wrote here, through the web such as “three V’s”, the Three Circles and The Story, etc. and books in this class, I not only received a lot of help through these in evangelism, but I also did it with Courage. Share Jesus without fear, William Fay wrote encouragingly “Even if the way you share the message is tactless or unloving, God can use it. What he can’t use is your sin of silence.” The apostle Paul wrote, “I can do everything through him who gives me strength” (Phil. 4:13, NIV). I will continue to develop informational apologetics with the help of the Holy Spirit.Arts & HumanitiesWriting EVAN 525

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