Hi, I need help with grammars and word choice, thank you.The risk of getting breast cancer increases with aging and a family history of BRCA1 and BRCA 2 gene mutation carriers. Routine breast exams or screening can detect breast cancer. Breast cancer’s early signs and symptoms include a painless lump or palpable nodes under one side armpit. The clinical manifestation largely depends on the stage of cancer. The skin on the affected breast can be dimpled in the invasive stage of breast cancer, which is related to the cancer cell invading the dermal lymphatic system and surrounding blood vessels. Pitting of the affected skin can also present with lymphatic system occlusion and fluid trapped underneath the skin. Sometimes, the nipple discharge can be seen due to the tumor blocking the breast ducts. When breast cancer becomes more aggressive, metastatic organs will be involved. Chest pain, chronic cough, and progressive shortness of breath can be related to metastasis to the lung. Fracture, progressive pain, and aches always corresponded with metastasis to the bone. Worsening headache, visual changes, dizziness, or even personality change can manifest metastasis to the brain.Arts & HumanitiesWriting ALHT 300

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