Hello, I need help with a computer programming lab, the language is python.You can copy it from there. There is only two functions: is_palindrome_string and reverse_sentence.For reverse_sentence, each word need to be reversed separately. For example “Hello world” would become “OlleH dlroW” with a space too. Please read the lab restrictions:LAB RESTRICTIONS, PLEASE READ:You are not allowed to use any imports, except for the ones given (if any).You may not use any lists or list methods. You can use loops and if statements. No dictionaries are allowed. This means that you also should not use string methods like .split(), as they return or otherwise interact with a list. Please also do not use break and continue within your loops. No tuples or sets.Please also do not use try-except statements, you should be able to anticipateor prevent any errors from happening at all! def is_palindrome_string (string: str)-> bool: Given a string ,return whether this string … Show more… Show more def reverse_sentence(s: str) ->str: Given a sentence , wedefine a word within … Show more… Show moreComputer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming EECS 101

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