Grant Proposal Project Human Service

Note that they suggest that you begin by answering the following questions:
What is the topic?

Why is this topic important?

What is your research question? What do you want to know?

What is the relevance of the question?{Need, importance and relevance are usually established by examining previous literature and assessing local data).

What are your hypotheses?

What are your research methods? Quantitative? Qualitative?

All proposals will use APA style. Among other things, this means that you will use Times Roman size 12 font consistently throughout the paper. You will not use fonts of varying sizes for headings or titles. All margins should be set at one inch. You will use only black font on white background. You will have a formal Title page (1 page), and Executive Summary (1 page); Statement of Need (2 pages); Project Description and Literature Review (3 pages); Budget (1 page); Information about your organization (1–2 pages); Conclusion (2–3 paragraphs); References (1–2 pages as needed).

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