For the following situations determine the effective noise level in dB(A)a. A rock drill produces a sound pressure level of 84 dB (A) in a heading. If two more drills were to operate in the heading what would be the expected noise level?b. Currently a conveyor operator works for a shift length of 8 hours and is subjected to a noise exposure of 90 dB (A) over the shift. If this worker works a double shift at his normal workstation what will be his noise exposure for that day?c. A continuous miner operator sitting on the machine is exposed to a noise level of 90 dB (A) when sat 3m from the noise source. If this operation were to be made a line of site remote operation with the operator being an equivalent distance of 9 m away from the noise source what would his noise exposure be?d. Determine the equivalent 8 hour noise exposure level for a worker exposed to an equivalent continuous sound pressure of 82 dB (A) over a 10 hour shift?SciencePhysics ENG 102365

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