Fast-food restaurants spend quite a bit of time studying the amountof time cars spend in their drive-throughs. Certainly, the faster the cars get through the drive-through, the more opportunity for making money. A researcher studied drive-through times for fast-food restaurants and found JollyMac had the best time, with a mean time spent in the drive-through of 138.5 seconds. Assuming that drive-through times are normally distributed with a standard deviation of 29 seconds,a. What is the probability that a randomly selected car will get through JollyMac’s drive-through in less than 100 seconds? (PRESENT THE RESULT OF THE STANDARD NORMAL CURVE AND THE REQUIRED)b. What proportion of cars spend between 2 and 3 minutes in JollyMac’s drive-through? (PRESENT THE RESULT OF THE STANDARD NORMAL CURVE AND THE REQUIRED)c. Suppose that JollyMac wants to institute a policy at its restaurants that it will not charge any customer that must wait more than a certain amount of time for an order. The management does not want to give away free meals (free orders) to more than 1% of the customers. What time would you recommend JollyMac advertise as the maximum waiting time before a free mean is awarded? (PRESENT THE RESULT OF THE STANDARD NORMAL CURVE AND THE REQUIRED)MathStatistics and Probability MATH GED0103

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