“Education Or Incarceration: Zero Tolerance Policies And The School To Prison Pipeline”Nancy A. Heitzeg, Professor of Sociology and Program Director, Critical Studies of Race/Ethnicity, St. Catherine University, St. Paul, MN”Widespread acceptance of this stereotype by the general public has implications for everyday interactions that youth of color have in public places, with employers, with teachers, with public officials, and with the police (Walker, Spohn and DeLone 2007). Certainly, TVdriven notions of blacks and Hispanics as -predators? provide whites and others with justification for pre-judgments and negative responses. Media-based preconceptions may play a role in the school to prison pipeline. Prejudice and stereotype acceptance can lead to miscommunications between black students and white teachers; this is a possible contributor to the racial disproportionality in suspension and expulsion. Some of the highest rates of racially disproportionate discipline are found in states with the lowest minority populations, where the disconnection between white teachers and black students is potentially the greatest (Witt 2007). Widespread acceptance of the stereotype of youth of color as violent predators also has implications for public policy. The media script of youth of color as violent super-predators provided the backdrop for a series of policy changes as well. Juvenile justice systems across the nation were rapidly transformed in a more punitive direction with media accountsrather than statistical evidencedriving the agenda.”a. What is your understanding of this issue/concept/practice? Explain its meaningb. For what reasons did you select this issue/concept/practice?c. How does this point broaden, deepen and or enlighten your understandings of classroom and or school and or community practices?d. What questions do you have?School to Prison PipelineWhy do you think students of color are more likely to receive harsh punishments for misbehavior? What about children with special needs? Have you seen evidence of this disparate treatment in your own life?What steps can you as an individual and society take to make sure that all young people have access to quality education?PsychologySocial ScienceSocial Psychology ESC 502

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