Discussion : A critical lens on Didion’s “On Going Home”… Discussion : A critical lens on Didion’s “On Going Home” (http://meadmedia.net/prosews/On%20Going%20Home%20by%20Joan%20Didion.pdf)1. What are the “levels” of thinking that you applied to this (http://meadmedia.net/prosews/On%20Going%20Home%20by%20Joan%20Didion.pdf) story? For example, basic information gleaned: the who, what, where; then delving deeper into the questions that naturally pique your interest: Who are these people, really? Do they like each other? Are they happy? Then, I would like you to come to a conclusion about your own interpretation of the story, its themes, and the characters, through an evidence based approachwhile examiningthe – here, the language used, the author’s commentary, descriptions, etc.2. This is essentially an exercise in reading a closely and critically – and, raising questions, engaging with others, and hopefully, uncovering deeper meaning through this engagement with your peers. You can simply start by stating what you believe the story is about, what the themes are, and what the author is trying to convey abouthome, family, or even growing up. You can then question each other’s ideas, interpretations, or probe more deeply into the meaning of language used. For example, what does Didion really mean when she writes, “Marriage is the classic betrayal.” This is merely one idea and is not meant to focus your discussionArts & HumanitiesWriting ENGL 101

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