def calc_boarded(boarding, departing, current): Calculates and returnsthe new number of items in a queue based on the number of items arriving at the queue, the number of items departing the queue, and the number of items that are already in the queue. Note that this is a general count-based implementation of the FIFO queue described above. Note that this function does not output (print) the computed value!This only performs the essential computation common to any simple count-based queue, nothing about bus lines.Here are some example return values calculated by the calc_boardedfunction:calc_boarded(20, 10, 15) returns 25calc_boarded(20, 10, 5) returns 20 # Note, only 5 can exit despite the exit ratecalc_boarded( 5, 10, 15) returns 10run_sim(iterations, board_rates, exit_rates): Executes the simulation, calculating and outputting the stop by stop volumes of passengers boarding, departing, and riding the bus line. The arguments represent the total number of iterations the simulation should run, a list of boarding rates at each stop, and a list of exit rates at each stop. The simulation stops after outputting N stops, where N is equal to the number of iterations.This function should take in a list of board rates and exit rates as well as iterations. The function should print the iteration, current number of passengers, boarding rate of passengers and exit rate of passengers for every iteration. Later, I will need to format these into a table to make it look more presentable but for now I am having a difficult time making a working function for this. I am able to use while loops as well as for loops for this.Make function pleaseThe picture below is an example of what is should look likeComputer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming CSC MISC

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