Dear Sir/Madam. I need your guidance on this questions as I am not… Dear Sir/Madam.I need your guidance on this questions as I am not sure how can I answer them.If you can help me with them, I really appreciated it.if you can, can you give pictures with the questions’ answers so that will help me understand what is occurring and how the questions are being done.Also can you also give an in depth explanation of each of the questions’ answers so that I understand what is happening.Thank you for your help.Background Information:Telcom is a specialised service provider to domestic customers. The company has its Head Office in Nambour which occupies two floors in a building, hosting about 15 employees at each floor from two key business departments, including Sales and Administration.In addition, it has a Production office in Cairns hosting a team of 10 local employees in a leased office.Every employee is assigned a desktop computer, and there are about 10 laptops available for hire in the Head Office. The company also runs four (4) servers in its Head Office. Two (2) of them run services to support various internal business functions, including file sharing, job tracking, Payroll, etc. All staff frequently need to visit these servers during their daily work. The other two (2) servers host the website and online sales platform, which are open to the public and customers.The task is to help designing a network for Telcom. The aim is to enable easy and efficient connections between all devices, offices, staff, and customers.Network Needs AnalysisEach department at each location should maintain an individual network, while all the departments should be able to communicate with each other, and the internal servers, and access the Internet.Private IPv4 addresses are to be used for the internal networks. To simplify the discussion, each subnet should use a separate private network address from the range. For each subnet, the first available IP address is to be allocated to its default gateway.Telcom deploys a router at each office location (Nambour-R and Cairns-R) which are connected to the ISP’s router (ISP-R). In response to Telcom’s enquiries regarding their IPv4 needs, their ISP has advised that they can continue using their current block of public IPv4 addresses, that is a part of network planning team and you need to provide the solutions and recommendations about the network plan for Telcom with the information provided above.In addition to specialist audience, your target audience includes executive managers who have extensive business experience but limited ICT knowledge. Therefore, besides the technical design of the network, you must explain and justify why the recommended networking technologies/solutions are the most appropriate and how they will benefit Telcom. You required to compare your recommendations with other available technologies.Questions:Question 1: Use the information above to design the network for Telcom. Describe the topology of the solution with the discussion on the recommended devices and types of cables. It should be noted that the managers hope to have devices isolated at each department because they have different roles. Provide five hundred on how to design the network for Telcom with in referencing.Question 2: Provide a detailed description and calculations of IP address allocations for the recommended network topology and subnets. Show all your workings for subnetting in an appendix. Based on the network design, use the following tables to report the required setups for subnetting and addressing. Provide five hundreds on a detailed description and calculations of IP address allocations for the recommended network topology and subnets with in referencing. Use the below table for the input. Table 1: Subnetting Table (to be used for all the organisation’s internal and external subnets) Subnet NetworkSubnet First Usable Last Usable Broadcast Address Address Mask IP Address IP Address Table 2: AddressingTable Device Interface* IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway* “Routers, Servers and P… Show more… Show moreQuestion 3: Provide recommend about some key network related services, by addressing the following requirements:Access control is required to disable/block unwanted inbound/outbound traffic and potential network attacks. Please discuss a viable solution, including how to deploy it and how it works.Staff will be allowed to work from home with their own computers and have access to all company network resources as if they were in the office. Please discuss how a viable work from home solution can be enabled and how it can benefit the business. Provide five hundreds with in referencing on some key network related services and by addressing the following requirements.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologySoftware engineering ICT 120

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