D. Max wants to start a farm to grow mussels. He needs to determine… D. Max wants to start a farm to grow mussels. He needs to determine the best environment for growing them. He is going to try two different amounts of salt in the water (salinity) and three different water temperatures. For his experiment he has 18 aquariums, each with 20 mussels. He wants to see which environment produces the largest mussels. 1. Identify the subjects. 2. Identify the factors and levels. 3. Identify the treatments. 4. Identify the response variable. 5. Describe an advantage to random assignment of treatment. 6. Explain how replication would be used in this study. 7. Someone suggested that Max arrange the tanks so that six with the lowest temperature are on one end of the room, and the six with the highest temperature are at the other end of the room. Explain how this could introduce confounding into the experiment. 8. Would it make sense to have a control group that did not get any of the treatments described above?MathStatistics and Probability STATS 101

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