Crime Scene Lab

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For this lab, you are the forensic anthropologist whose job is to help solve the death of two unidentified bodies.

A hiker was walking his beagle in the woods and came across fresh soil. The beagle immediately dug up the ground to expose a hand. The hiker called the police and taped off the site. That’s where you come in.

Figure 1 Pelvis 1

Figure 2 Pelvis 2

First examination- Identify the sex of the two victims by looking at the above. Tell me what bone is displayed and how you were able to determine the sex of the victims. Is it also possible to identify if they are fully developed or not? Please explain.

Figure 3 Victim 1

Figure 4 Victim 2

Looking at the skull pictures above can you identify how each victim may have died? Describe your reasoning. From these photos can you tell if it was suicide, murder, inconclusive or natural?

-Consider different angles when looking at the photos.

Figure 5 Blowfly

To determine an approximate time of death, samples of insects are collected.

Identified on the bodies are blowflies, hide beetles and Piophila casei. With this information what can you tell about the length of time the victims have been dead. Does it tell you anything pertaining to if they were killed where they were found?

What other factors do forensic anthropologists consider when at a crime scene?

What other questions can they potentially answer?






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