Create an Entity relationship diagram(s) (created by a drawing tool or DB tool)A Staff member takes orders from customers. A staff member may take many orders for many customers. The pizza shop keeps track of customer names and phone numbers for identification. Oder staff is identified by name and employee number.Delivery drivers are assigned to orders to deliver the Pizzas to customers placing the order. The Pizza shop keeps in contact with delivery drivers through cell phones. The pizza company shop keeps track of the model of the car that the delivery person must notify the customer for assurance.The pizza shop keeps track of the date and time of order. Every order is assigned an order number for tracking.An order may have multiple items ordered at the same time. The only items that the pizza delivery shop sells are pizzas. Pizzas may have different toppings added to the pizza. Different toppings have different prices. Pizzas come in a variety of sizes (small, medium, large and extra-large). Different size pizzas have different prices.Create an Entity-Attribute-Relationship Diagram (ERD) to represent the conceptual model of a database that could connect the transactions in these scenarios. Create any entities that would be needed, create any associated relationships need to illustrate the scenario. For each entity, you illustrate, add 3 to 5 attributes, Identify the primary keys and the foreign keys that you would use. Remember, include a couple of descriptive attributes for any Entity or Relationship items in the diagram that you think may help identify them. Remember for this assignment, we are only concerned with the (EAR) segment of modeling. Identify the Entities, their Attributes, the Relationships associated with each entity. Connect these items using a connection line. We also discussed carnality; try to identify the carnality in the relationships.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologySoftware engineering COMUPTER S CS6310

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