Create a Python dictionary that returns a list ofvalues for each… Create a Python dictionary that returns alist ofvaluesfor eachkey. The key can be whatever type you want.Design the dictionary so that it could be useful for something meaningful to you. Create at least three different items in it.Next consider the invert function below.def invert_dict(d): inverse = dict() for key in d: val = d[key] if val not in inverse: inverse[val] = [key] else: inverse[val].append(key) return inverseModify this function so that it can invert your dictionary. In particular, the function will need to turn each of the list items into separate keys in the inverted dictionary.Run your modified invert_dict function on your dictionary. Print the original dictionary and the inverted one.Describe what is useful about your dictionary. Then describe whether the inverted dictionary is useful or meaningful, and why.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming PROGRAMMIN CS1101

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