Create a program that:Creates a sales receipt, displays the receipt entries and totals, and saves the receipt entries to a filePrompt the user to enter theItem NameItem QuantityItem PriceDisplay the item name, the quantity, and item price, and the extended price (Item Quantity multiplied by Item Price) after the entry is madeSave the item name, quantity, item price, and extended price to a fileWhen you create the file, prompt the user for the name they want to give the fileSeparate the items saved with commasEach entry should be on a separate line in the fileAsk the user if they have more items to enterOnce the user has finished entering itemsClose the file with the items enteredDisplay the sales totalIf the sales total is more than $100Calculate and display a 10% discountCalculate and display the sales tax using 8% as the sales tax rateThe sales tax should be calculated on the sales total after the discountDisplay the total for the sales receiptComputer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming ENGL 2140

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