Consider the scenario that you are a project manager at Dark Fibre… Consider the scenario that you are a project manager at Dark Fibre Africa (DFA). A lucrative R20m project to provide fibre infrastructure to a plush suburb in Sandton, Johannesburg has been assigned to you to project manage. The fibre will enable the provision of much anticipated fast internet service to residents. You have been appointed as a project manager to ensure that the project is managed prudently in light of the past non-deliveries by other project managers. Management has promised you an incentive bonus if you successfully delivered the project. Analyse the following questions and develop your response to each one by clearly showing how you will manage the project using sound project management principles.Question 1After your appointment as a project manager, your manager has called a meeting with you so that you can enlighten him on your duties. He wants you to present how a project manager’s role is differentiated from a functional manager’s role. Discuss the difference between the two whilst also showing the responsibilities that you as a project manager will have as well as the special demands on the project manager.Question 2As you prepare the project rollout plan, your team reiterates the triple constraints that the project may be impacted with during its lifecycle. Discuss these constraints and how you will mitigate against them.Question 3The different stages of the project lifecycle are challenging. Critically discuss each of these stages so that prudent planning may be undertaken to ease the minds of stakeholders.Question 4You have identified a profound need to identify your project stakeholders. Discuss how you will manage your stakeholders so that they may provide the required support to the project.BusinessManagementProject Management PROJECT MA MBLEPMY

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