COLLAPSE The hypothesis’s function in the research process is the… COLLAPSEThe hypothesis’s function in the research process is the researcher’s educated guess as to what the data will reveal. The hypothesis is based on the accumulated knowledge the research has gained from already existing data. It will direct the readers towards what the research is looking to find. Yegidis et al. (2018) describes a hypothesis as a prediction of what the researcher is going to find and it is made in a statement form, not a question, between two certain variables.Research question: Is gender a factor in long term effects of mental and physical health within the con of out of home placement?Hypothesis: Females exhibit longer lasting effects of mental health issues than males when experiencing out-of-home placement as a child.Independent variable: GenderDependent variable: Lasting effects of mental health issuesRespond by providing constructive feedback on their hypotheses. Use the Learning Resources on hypotheses to inform your feedback (i.e., cite and reference).PsychologySocial ScienceSocial Psychology SOCW 6301

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