Choose the letter of your answer and show solution.13. According to the empirical rule, approximately what percentage of normally distributed data lies within one standard deviation of the mean?A. 59%B. 68%C. 72%D. 95%14. Consider the following result of a Statistics exam taken by 120 students. How many students received a score of at least 70 on this exam? Less than Grade 50 – 59 50 60 -69 70 – 79 80 – 89 90 – 100 Cumulative 15 10 30 25 15 5 Freq., in %%… Show moreA. 25B. 30C. 45D. 54For questions 15 to 17, refer to the following: The cholesterol content of large chicken eggs is approximately normally distributed with a mean of 200 milligrams and standard deviation of 15 milligrams.15. What proportion of these eggs have cholesterol content above 205 milligrams?A. 0.2004B. 0.3694C. 0.6293D. 0.725016. What is the probability that a randomly sample egg has a cholesterol content less than 205 milligrams?A. 0.0475B. 0.6293C. 0.6306D. 0.952517. In sixty-seven percent of the eggs, the cholesterol content is less than a certain value “C”. What is this value “C”?A. 0.33B. 193.4013C. 206.5987D. 21018. If P(-2 < Z < k) 0.70, where Z is a standard normal random variable, then k isA. 0.195B. 0.55C. 0.59D. 0.73MathStatistics and Probability STATS 560

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