Chapter 5, Lesson 3: Spanish American War Engage/Bellringer: Read… Chapter 5, Lesson 3: Spanish American WarEngage/Bellringer: Read and analyze the following passages and political cartoon below. Answer in complete sentences.The Spanish-American War ended after 6 months when the US defeated the Spanish. The war erupted over the brutal mistreatment of the Cubans by the Spanish. The US declared war after theUSS Maineblew up off the coast of Havana, Cuba. As a result, the US acquired the Philippines, Puerto Ricoand Guam. It also reserved the right to intervene in Cuba.Why did the US go to war against Spain? 2. What areas did the US acquire as a result of its win? 3. What is the main idea of the cartoon to the left?(I Put the cartoon at the bottom)Watch/Listen:Spanish American War Explained 1. What happened to the U.S.S. Maine? Why was this significant? 2. What was the Teller Amendment? 3. Who was George Dewey? 4. Who were the Rough Riders? 5. What was the outcome of the Treaty of Paris? 6. What caused the Filipino American War?Reflect/Exit Ticket:Go to: onThe Spanish American War and read through each section:Remember the Maine, Yellow Journalism, A Splendid Little War, and A Gift from the Gods.Answer the following questions:Remember the Maine:Where was the Maine docked? 2. What happened to the U.S.S. Maine? Who was responsible?Yellow Journalism: 3. Who did the press in the United States say was responsible for sinking the Maine?A Splendid Little War: 4. What was the United States’ reaction to the sinking of the Maine? What did they do? 5. Who won the war and what did they get for winning?A Gift from the Gods: 6. What did President McKinley consider the Filipino people to be? 7. The Philippines had been fighting for Independence from Spain, so how did they expect the US to treat them after the Spanish-American War? 8. What did the American government do in the Philippines? How were Filipinos treated? 9. Who was Emilio Aguinaldo? If Aguinaldo could have a conversation with an “average American” at this time, what do you think he would have wanted to tell them? The Snanisll American War Directions: The Spanish -AmericanWar was called a “s lendid little war” by Secretary of StateJohn Hay. After learning about the war, analyze the… Show more… Show moreHistoryUS History HISTORY 101

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