Case StudyJoe runs Bellefeuille’s Blacksmiths, a mobile farrier business. His clients are local farmers and Joe and his team of apprentices take are of farm animal feet.Your team has been hired to document Joe’s requirements and recommend software for Joe. Your team has started looking at Joe’s financial records and found that Joe categorizes his income transactions by client. For expenses, he records the supplier, the supplier’s invoice number, the amount and the date of the expense.Your team leader has written the following scenarios to capture Joe’s requirements.Use Case Name Record Expense TransactionTriggering Event Owner purchases suppliesBrief Description Allows the Owner to record an expense transactionActors OwnerRelated Use Cas-esPreconditions Owner has opened the Main Menu.Post Conditions Expense transaction is recordedFlow of activities Actor System1. Requests to record an expense transaction Displays a list of suppliers and prompts for selection. Prompts for invoice number, amount and date2. Selects a supplier, enters date, amount and invoice number Displays the transaction and prompts for confirmation3 Chooses to confirm Saves the transaction.Exception Condi-tions Owner chooses to cancel recording expense transaction.Use Case Name Query Income transactionsTriggering Event Owner requires a list of income transactionsBrief Descrip-tion Allows the Owner to review income transactionsActors OwnerRelated Use CasesPreconditions Owner has opened the Main Menu.Post Conditions income transactions retrievedFlow of activi-ties Actor System1. Requests to query income transactions Prompts for start and end date2. Enters a start and end date Retrieves income transactions that meet the date require-ments. Displays the list that of income transactions including client, amount and dateException Con-ditions Owner chooses to cancel querying income transactions.Question 1 (worth 10 marks)Complete a class diagram to support what your team has learned so far about Bellefeuille’s Blacksmiths.Question 2 (worth 20 marks)Complete sequence diagrams to support the above scenarios.Question 3 (worth 1 marks)Joe’s having a hard time keeping track of documents and would like to record where he’s stored his supplier’s invoices with each expense transaction. He’s committed to scanning any physical invoices received in the mail. How would you change you model to support the electronic location of documents for each expense? Please describe in English. Question 4 (worth 1 marks)Most of Joe’s clients are happy to pay in cash or by etransfer, but some clients would like to use debit and credit cards. How could Joe make this happen? If Joe wants to keep track of how his clients are paying – how would you change your model?Question 5 (worth 1 marks)One of Joe’s clients pays him in USD. What should Joe do? How could you change your model to support this?Question 6 (worth 1 marks)Joe is a small business owner. Some of his clients have asked if they pay cash, can they avoid paying tax? Is this a good idea for Joe? What about his clients?Question 7 (worth 1 marks)Pick one of the videos from our Week 2 Prep or Week 3 Prep folders in Blackboard. What did you think of the video? Was it useful to you? Did you learn anything from it? What topic do you wish we had covered in our videos? ScienceEngineering & TechnologySoftware engineering CS SYD366

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