Case StudyGetFit Fitness Centres is a small chain of exercise and training centres throughout Ontario. They operate locations that offer weight training, exercise classes such as Zumba, spinning, and aerobics. They sell monthly and yearly memberships, and also offer a range of branded merchandise, such as t-shirts, water bottles, and other workout gear.Each location manages its memberships in a spreadsheet; when a new member joins, their information is added to the spreadsheet, which gets updated when the account is renewed every month or year.The company would like to purchase software to help manage sales of memberships. They would like the software to enable them to easily sign people up in person and online, and enable their members to check their information and renew their account online. Your team has been hired to document GetFit’s requirements and recommend software for them to purchase.Your team has started looking at the company’s financial structure and found that they allow for different payment methods (payments online are PayPal and credit card and in-person are cash and credit card) and would like to categorize the income and expense transactions accordingly.Your team leader has written the following scenarios to capture some of GetFit’s requirements.Use Case NameRecord Membership SaleTriggering EventCustomer wants to join the fitness centre.Brief DescriptionThe customer has reviewed the membership options and decided to puchase a yearly membership. The front desk staff completes the sale and payment, and needs to record the income transaction.ActorsFront Desk StaffRelated Use CasesPreconditionsThe Front Desk Staff has opened the Membership Menu.Post ConditionsSale is recorded, membership is set up, and customer can start using the facilities.Flow of activitiesActorSystem1Requests to record the sale of a new membershipPrompts for customer’s name, email address, phone number, and date of birth, and displays a list of payment methods.2Enters in customer’s information and selects a payment method and amount to chargeDetermines the date one year from today and adds it as the expiry date, with the rest of the customer’s information, to the membership. Displays the membership, with a prompt for confirmation.3Chooses to confirmSaves the membership.Exception ConditionsThe Front Desk Staff chooses to cancel adding the membership.Use Case NameQuery Expense transactionsTriggering EventThe Manager requires a list of expense data, filtered as required.BriefDescriptionAllows the Manager to review expense transactions for a specified price range.ActorsManagerRelated Use CasesPreconditionsThe Manager has opened the Reports Menu.Post ConditionsExpense transactions displayed.Flow of activitiesActorSystem1Requests to query expense transactionsPrompts for low amount and high amount.2Enters a start and end dateRetrieves expense transactions that meet the cost range requirements. Displays the list.Exception ConditionsThe Manager chooses to cancel querying expense transactions.Question 1(worth 10 marks)Complete a class diagram to support what your team has learned so far about GetFit Fitness Centres.Question 2(worth 20 marks)Complete two object level sequence diagrams, one for each of the above scenarios.Answer all of the following questions in clear English.Question 3(worth 3 marks)Right now, the membership is tied directly to customer information. The company is considering recording the customer seperately to each membership so that they can provide manage customer information easily and track membership renewals. How would this change your class diagram? How would this change the scenarios and sequence diagrams?Question 4(worth 3 marks)What are fixed costs? Explain 4 fixed costs for GetFit Fitness Centres.Question 5(worth 3 marks)Last month, a customer asked to pay for their membership by personal cheque. Should the Front Desk Staff accept this? What should they do?Question 6(worth 3 marks)What is a budget?What factors does GetFit Fitness Centres have to consider when building their business budget?Question 7(worth 3 marks)To complete the GetFit Fitness Centres project we are documenting the business’s requirements for a new system. We’ve looked at Agile and Waterfall (Predictive) Project Management methodologies.You are a team of 2 analysts and a Project Manager. If you were the Project Manager tasked with designing this system, what Project Management Methodology would you use for this project, and why?Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologySoftware engineering CS SYD366

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