Can you help me this quizes?Resources are in the below(sorry for long s)1. The author, Lucie-Smith, describes two different ways that domestic appliances were welcomed, what are those ways?Select one:a.lightened work load and increased prestigeb.lightened work load and increased factory employmentc.lightened work load and increased nationalist spiritd.lightened work load and class mobility2. The author Forty describes housework as laborious, isolated, of long hours and unending. How was housework perceived as different from other forms of work?Select one:a.lowly and undignifiedb.effeminatec.less dangerousd.emotional satisfaction as payment3. Lucie-Smith describes two different factors influencing the history of the blender. What were these factors?Select one:a.counter depth and electrical wiringb.user and and and construction4. In the 1950s industrial designers began altering the designs of appliances in response to the fact that most people..Select one:a.knew how to driveb.were nostalgic for early factory erasc.worked in factoriesd.were victims of industrial accidents5. Appliances reduced the amount of work but did not lead to an overall reduction in housework time.Select one:TrueFalse 9. Labour-Saving in the Home One ofthe claims made for electricity was thatit would save work in the h… Show more… Show more Mythologies of Housework ‘A. Oakley,Housewife, London, 1974, pp. 52-53.The foliowtng discussion … Show more… Show more vacant pie shelves or empty cookiejars, they do over meals in you set itand forget it… *Ladies’ Ho… Show more… Show more Publicity photograph for Hooverelectric vacuum cleaner, 1927,Signi?cantly, the adVantag… Show more… Show more could afford to buy domesticappliances were also those who em-been entirely taken in by t… Show more… Show more in the kitchen, after the manner of F. W.Taylor’s analyses of labour in thefactory, indicated suppos… Show more… Show more Kenwood domestic food mixer, A700,1948. The design was a scaled-downversion of catering mixers… Show more… Show more and refinement. For example, Kenwood,whose original mixer pulling her indifferent directions, she sti… Show more… Show moreResourse 2 Machines in the House Industrial design enteredthe domestic environment through the back doorwhich led to the kitchen. This was lo… Show more… Show more it is a brighter and more cheerful place. It is also aplace where domestic appliances were more andmore welcome, not merely because th… Show more… Show more ROASTERS AND KITCHENERS. 13 316 TheModernette-the first complete Belling electric 315Nineteenth-century gas cooker, 1919. … Show more… Show more number of appliances-a skillet, a saucepan and aElectric Food Mixer (first produced in 1947), thesteamer-attached by leads to the mai… Show more… Show more 324 (extreme left) Kenwood blender de luxe. 325(far left) Kenwood Major A 707A mixer andblender. 326 (left) Kenwood Food Pro… Show more… Show more replaces the old-fashioned ?replace. An earlyFerranti model uses the heat source verydirectlyit is an element whose wa… Show more… Show more distinctly industrial looking. By contrast, the originalHoover (?g. 332], though it dates from three yearsearlier, is comparatively tidy in shape, and t… Show more… Show more 332 Hoover electric vacuum cleaner, 1907. HOO 331 (top)Model ‘R’ electric vacuum cleaner by B. V.C., 1910. 333(above) Hoover model 700 vacuum cleaner, 19… Show more… Show more VIDEOMASTER DOOR TUNES ABCDEFGH volume336 Videomaster 24-tune door chimes, designed byStephen Frazer, 1977. 337 (right) Richar… Show more… Show more hardly bother to use many of thefacilities it offers. just as furniture did inthe late eighteenth centur… Show more… Show moreHistoryUS History AMST 349

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