Can someone please help me with checking for grammar and the structure of this essay? Thank you!Nurses and doctors are the heroes in the COVID-19 pandemic.What does hero mean? What can make a person become a hero? A hero can be considered as a person who has performed meritorious services for the country and does courageous things for other people. We can recognize that nurses and doctors have significantly contributed to treating and preventing COVID-19 disease – the disease that was and is now still spreading and affecting societies and economies in most countries in the world. Therefore, nurses and doctors – who have courage, medical ethics, and sacrifice, are the true hero in this terrible COVID-19 pandemic.First, heroic nurses and doctors have revealed their bravery and medical ethics, the precious qualities of a hero, when they have faced COVID-19, especially in new conditions that had no clear measures for prevention and cure. According to “Lost on the Frontline,” the 12 months research by KHN and The Guardian to follow health care workers deaths in the first year of the pandemic, over 3,600 health workers died because of the COVID-19 in the United States. Moreover, these cases have not stopped but are increasing over time along with the new COVID-19 variant. Thus, to treat and care for patients who have this disease, nurses and doctors must overcome the fear of getting infected and dying at any moment. Additionally, they need to have medical ethics to treat their patients professionally and kindly in any situation.In addition, sacrifice is also an important quality that makes these heroes. Nurses and doctors must stay away from their family, and sacrifice to work tirelessly. While people stay away from people infected by COVID-19 for fear of getting it, nurses and doctors do not hesitate to cure the patient even if it can endanger their lives. Even though it is their responsibility, everything they have done deserves recognition and gratitude. Because saving and protecting other lives is not the work everyone can do.In conclusion, Nurses and doctors with their bravery, medical ethics, and have sacrificed when faced with fear, dangers, even death to save other people’s life. They helped the number of people recovering from COVID-19 disease be many times greater than the number of deaths. Therefore, Nurses and doctors deserve to be heroes in the COVID-19 pandemic.Arts & HumanitiesWriting ENGLISH 100

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