Biological Basis of Addiction Dingel (2015) presents the argument… Biological Basis of AddictionDingel (2015) presents the argument that the complexity of genetic and environmental contributions to addiction are often oversimplified in the media. The prevailing arguments may be distilled to explain addiction as either a lack of willpower or genetic fate. Consider how members of your community tend to explain addiction. You may need to ask a couple of people you know how they explain why people use alcohol or drugs to the point they are addicted.You may choose to consider the following questions:To what degree do they seem influenced by the concept of addiction being a brain disease?To what degree were they able to include multiple causal factors?How can we explain the role of biology and environment to family members of someone who may be in treatment for a substance use disorder?ReferenceDingel, M. (2015). The media and behavioral genetics: Alternatives coexisting with addiction genetics. Science, Technology, & Human Values 40(4), p. 459-477.Social SciencePsychology COUN 5108

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