# BEGIN Problem 12 @classmethod def action(self, gamestate): def reduce_health(self, amount):class QueenAnt(ScubaThrower): # END Problem 12 “””The Queen of the colony. The game is over if a bee enters her place.””” name = ‘Queen’ food_cost = 7 # OVERRIDE CLASS ATTRIBUTES HERE is_waterproof = True # BEGIN Problem 12 implemented = True # Change to True to view in the GUI # END Problem 12 def construct(cls, gamestate): “”” Returns a new instance of the Ant class if it is possible to construct, or returns None otherwise. Remember to call the construct() method of the superclass! “”” # BEGIN Problem 12 “*** YOUR CODE HERE ***” # END Problem 12 “””A queen ant throws a leaf, but also doubles the damage of ants in her tunnel. “”” # BEGIN Problem 12 if self.queen == False: Insect.reduce_health(self,self.health) else: ScubaThrower.action(self,self.health) curr = self.place.exit while curr.exit: if curr.ant: if curr.ant.damage_double == False: curr.ant.damage*=2 curr.ant.damage_double = True curr = curr.exit # END Problem 12 “””Reduce health by AMOUNT, and if the QueenAnt has no health remaining, signal the end of the game. “”” # BEGIN Problem 12 if self.queen: if amount>= self.health: ants_lose() else: Insect.reduce_health(self, amount) else: Insect.reduce_health(self, amount) # END Problem 12all the code with excption of the bold part should correct. I just need help with the construct function.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming EECS MISC

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