Before this module, I had a pretty clear understanding of the… Before this module, I had a pretty clear understanding of the fifties. Some of the things that happened in the fifties, I thought were sixties events such as the Montgomery bus boycott and Rosa Parks, but now that timeline has been clarified for me. I didn’t know that Nixon was a promenient figure in the fifties, though. I had no idea he was the vice president to Eisenhower. Eisenhower is kind of seen as one of the better republican presidents because of all his ideas on mobility, while Nixon is seen as one of the worst republican presidents, so it’s definitely weird that they were once on the same team. I believe all of the racial discrimination and injustice is definitely something that makes us uncomfortable, especially little rock nine. I feel like the movie Ruby Bridges kind of explains the trauma of that perfectly. As strange as it sounds though, I think the forced integration was a push in the right direction even at what it costs.That leads me into my question:Aside from the systematic segregation still seen today, do you think that without forced integration we would still be massively divided today? Or would we have naturally come to integrating eventually?HistoryUS History 12333 1222222

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