askstream Assignment: Managing Individual and Class Behaviors with a Management SystemPart A: Classroom Expectations and RulesThis is Part A of a multiple-part assignment, in which you will a classwide behavior management system including classroom rules, a system for monitoring, and the identification of positive and negative consequences within the system. In addition, you will identify several supplemental individualized behavior management strategies. Part A, which is this assignment, will involve you developing classroom expectations and rules for the class described below. You will also discuss procedures for developing the expectations and rules (involving the students) and how you will use and review them throughout the year. These expectations and rules will then become part of your classwide management system that you will develop later. Here is your ClassClassroom for Students with Emotional and Behavior Problems ScenarioYou are a classroom teacher in a self-contained room for students with emotional and behavior disorders in an elementary school. The class has 15 students, 11 boys and 3 girls. The students are quite diverse with respect to culture, academic abilities, and social behavior. You have a full time paraprofessional to support your classroom efforts.At times you conduct large group instruction, small group instruction, and independent work. You also have class meetings. Your classroom contains at least 2 centers (to be determined by you), along with a computer/technology area with iPads and laptops. Also, your class has a time-out area. Your responsibility is to do the following:1. Development of Major Classroom Expectations with Rules: These expectations and rules will be for your classroom management system. a. Classroom Expectations: You will need to create and present in a bulleted fashion 3-4 major classroom expectations for your management system.1. Classroom expectations should represent the over-arching behavioral expectations in your classroom. They should be positive, age-appropriate, and able to cover the rules of the classroom.2. Classroom Rules: Then you need to develop 3-5 rules that are positive, observable, and measurable under each expectation. For example, if a classroom major classroom expectation is, “Have proper school decorum.” What does that mean? It is very general, but it is a good major expectation. Therefore, you would need specific rules that are observation and measurable to correspond. (e.g., Raise your hand and wait to be called on. follow adult directions.)3. Plan for Developing and Teaching Class Expectations/Rules. As part of your action plan for your behavior management system, you need to utilize your students in the development of the expectations/rules and you need to teach your classroom management expectations/rules to your students. Here you need to do the following in a bulleteda. Include Students in Expectation/Rule Development. Discuss how you will involve your students in the development of the classroom expectations/rules. In this discussion, you must address how you will take into account that you have students who are from different cultures including some who are English Language Learners. b. Expectations/rules Teaching Plan. Here in a bulleted fashion, you need to identify and describe at least 4 procedures that you will use throughout the school year to teach and make certain that your students understand the class expectations and rules. Part A: Classroom Expectations and Rules Following the guidelines provided above, type your response following each of the prompts. Be sure to follow the guidelines provided. 1. Development of Major Classroom Expectations with Rules: a. Classroom Expectations and Rules (List 3-4 general classroom expectationin a numbered fashion. Underneath each of the expectations in a bulleted fashion, put 3-5 rules specific to that expectation.)b. Plan for Developing and Teaching Class Expectations/Rules?Describe how you will include Students in Expectation/rule Development (Keep in mind that some of your students will the ELLs. This must be addressed). ?Identify and discuss at least four procedures that you will use to teachSocial SciencePsychology EEX MISC

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