Answer the following questions using the attached book link:… Answer the following questions using the attached book link: SURE TO USE THE BOOK AND NOT OTHER SOURCES1. How did the Jeffersonians and the Federalists campaign differently in the Election of 1800?2. Why has the election of 1800 been labeled the “Revolution of 1800” by Jefferson and many historians?3. How was slavery connected to the Revolution of 1800?4. What was the impact of the Haitian Revolution? How did it impact African Americans and white people in the United States?5. Describe the events and significance of Gabriel’s Rebellion.6. Explain the case that established the concept of judicial review.7. Why was Jefferson’s purchase of the the Louisiana Purchase ironic and what impact did it have on the US?8. Describe the first war fought by the United States. (NOT THE WAR OF 1812 BTW)9. Why did Jefferson persuade Congress to pass the Embargo Act and what did it do? Why was it unpopular?10. Why did Madison feel pressure to declare war on Great Britain?11. Describe the impact of Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa.12. Why was it especially foolish for the US to declare war against the British in 1812?13. Describe the significance of the Battle of New Orleans.14. What were the causes of the end of the Federalist Party?HistoryUS History USB 607

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