Answer below questions: 1.Considering ALL the stages of… Answer below questions:1.Considering ALL the stages of psychosocial development, provide an example of how the unsuccessful experience in one stage can lead to issues in the subsequent stage(s). Choose one and discuss that stage and the subsequent stage (so not ALL stages; just 2 that appear next to one another).Put as much as you can to describe your response. This is considered an “Essay” so a few sentences total will do.Trust vs. MistrustAutonomy vs. Shame & DoubtInitiative vs. GuiltIndustry vs. InferiorityIdentity vs. Identity (Role) ConfusionIntimacy vs. IsolationGenerativity vs. StagnationIntegrity vs. Despair2. Dr. Smith is about to conduct a study on color and emotion. [6 points]+He will ask his participants to rate various colors using a Likert scale.+He will then ask them to complete a personality assessment.+He will make comparisons/connections between the findings on the personality assessments and how they rated the colors (1 to 5; most favorite to least favorite).+He will complete these tasks using 2 groups of participants.+Group ONE will represent young adulthood+Group TWP will represent childrenWhich research design does this study follow? Explain why, as much as you can.CorrelationalORExperimental3. Perspectives in Psychology – choose TWO of these and write (maybe through an example) how they are connected or influence one another.BiologicalBehavioralHumanisticCognitiveSocial-CulturalPsychoanalytic/PsychodynamicEvolutionarySocial SciencePsychology PSYCH 1100

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