answer 4 questions in 800 words apa format

APA format

The holiday Americans call Thanksgiving has a dark history – one they don’t teach children in schools, one that doesn’t involve feasting tables shared between multiple cultures and one that doesn’t have a happy ending. Yet the holiday persists and is now attached to other traditions, some which seem beneficial, or at worst innocuous, and some that have new negative implications. 

For this discussion, you will take a stance on the holiday, and how the country should address questionable implications of continued celebration, as well as discuss some family “traditions” of the holiday by responding to the following:

1. Do some research about the actual first Thanksgiving (not the one elementary school children celebrate, but the 
actual history There are several versions of this story.

2. Knowing that this holiday was largely the beginning of the colonization of previously occupied lands, should we continue to teach the sanitized version of the holiday? Why or why not? Be specific, and include supporting materials for your argument. 

3. When modern families celebrate the holiday, it often becomes the first day of the capitalist holiday known as Black Friday (which starts on Thursday for many businesses) or includes a multimillion-dollar sports event. How does this association change the traditional ideals of Thanksgiving? Does it create a giving or taking atmosphere? Again, be specific and use supporting materials. 

4. Should families discuss important political and social issues when gathered? How does it help or hurt families, communities, and governance structures when political discussions begin at “home”?

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