All the guidelines for this major project are in the file below

MAJOR PROJECT (Individual) – 15% of Final Grade:
Due Week 5

The Major Project is an Individual assignment that constitutes 15% of your grade.

The Project is a research paper; therefore, all work you submit for this class should be written in clear prose, meaning that your comments should be comprised in complete, lucid sentences using proper syntax, spelling, and grammar. If you do not take your work seriously, then neither will others. All facts, numbers, statistics, etc. must be cited, as well as any idea that did not originate with you. Using the work of other writers without proper attribution is considered plagiarism, and will result in disciplinary action.

Your paper should be over
2,250 1,000 words
allowing at least 250 words per deliverable.

You are required to read and cite from the posted nine (9) peer reviewed journal articles (see referenced URLs) and the industry report.

Moreover, you are required to quote/cite at least three (3) APA cited Bible Scripture verses = complete verses with application.

All work should be in the APA format. Your submission should follow the below stated composition and formatting guidelines; and be composed unto a “Word Document.”

• Separate Title page with a “Running head:” page number (top right), your name, course, date, and an appropriate title.

• Use double space, Times New Roman, and 12pt font.

• Separate reference page.

• The APA additions are NOT a part of the word count.

Please reference the Rubric for the Grading Guidelines for the Project.

Appertaining to Sport Marketing and Promotion; respond to the following Deliverables based upon reading the respective
peer reviewed journal article (see
reference URL) and other sources.

Permission for use of

the following scholarly journal articles is provided within the access rights to Regent University’s library’s databases.

DELIVERABLES with Respective Peer Reviewed Journal Articles:

I. Identify historical trends and significant impacts of sport marketing practices.

II. Explain and conduct a SWOT analysis on Wilson Golf Company.

III. Discuss the importance of marketing research to sports marketers.

IV. Explain the sport marketer’s simplified model of participant consumption behavior.

V. Explain how sports game attractiveness, economic factors and competitive factors relate to game attendance.

VI. Discuss the importance of the sports market selection decisions.

VII. Define sports branding and discuss the guidelines for choosing an effective brand name.

VIII. Discuss the phases of the product life cycle and explain how the product life cycle influences sports marketing strategy.

(Read pp. 1193-1196)

IX. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of the various sports promotional mix tools.


You are to use the posted peer reviewed journal article as your reference and citation pertaining to its respective question. You may also use on a limited basis, other sources including, but not limited to your textbook.

Compose a paper that is over
2,250 1,500 words
allowing at least 250 words per deliverable subject to the above stated
Rubric (Grading Guidelines)
. The only word limit is your imagination.

Submit the paper to the Professor via the Assignment Manager link.

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