A company’s internal audit department has estimated that thenumbers of hours needed to do an internal audit for travelrelated matters is uniformly distributed between 56 and 97 hours. What will be the probability that an audit will takebetween 70.4 and 102.3 hours?The Survey of Study Habits and Attitudes (SSHA) is a psychological test that measures the motivation, attitude,and study habits of college students. Scores range from 0 to 200 and follow (approximately) a normal distributionwith mean y and standard deviation o = 21. A simple random sample of 29 college students is taken and each isgiven the SSHA. The mean of the 29 scores is = 114.32. Based on these data, a 99% confidence interval for u is114.32Transportation authorities consider a particular 16-passenger airplane to be overloaded if the total carried exceeds 2,640pounds. Suppose that the load placed on a plane by a typical passenger is normally distributed with a mean of 155pounds and a standard deviation of 30 pounds. If passengers are assigned randomly to flights, without regard for theirparticular load, what proportion of flights will be overloaded?To estimate the true population mean of the weight of StarBeats 24 oz Apple Cider, you randomly pick 49 cans from astore. The population standard deviation has been estimated to be 1.1 oz. If the Confidence Interval has a total tail areaof 5%, then the margin of error is approximatelyFor Normal approximation to Binomial distribution, if the probability of success is 0.846, what will be the smallest samplesize you would need to be able to use Normal distribution? (DO NOT ROUND UP OR DOWN)In order to estimate the average time spent on the computer terminals per student at a local university, data wascollected from a sample of 62 business students over a one-week period. Assume the population standard deviation is3.22 hours. If the sample mean is 12.3 hours, then the upper limit of the 90% confidence interval is approximatelyAfter Test 2, 85% of this OPRE 6301 students, in general, regret that they didn’t go for the other professor who alsohappens to be better looking. In a sample of 72 students, what is the probability that between 91.15% and 94.6% will bethinking along those lines?MathStatistics and Probability OPRE 6301

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