9. A biologist knows from past research that the average length of… 9. A biologist knows from past research that the average length of a leaf of a specie of full-grown plant is 4 inches. After administering a new type of plant food, he found that the length of the leaves increased. He wants to know if this change in length is significant enough by performing a hypothesis test. What test should he use?A. Two sample t-Test for independent samples1B. One sample chi-square testC. One sample t-TestD. Two sample F-test10. In a normal distribution, which of the following relationships are correct?A. Mean = Median = ModeB. Mean > Median > ModeC. Median > Mode > MeanD. Mode > Mean > MedianStatements for # 11. I. Test of significance (hypothesis tests) are design to measure the strength of evidence against the null hypothesis. II. A well-planned test of significance should result in a statement either that the null hypothesis is true or that it is false. III. The alternative hypothesis is one-sided if there is interest in deviations from the null hypothesis in only one direction in only one direction.11. Which of the above statements are true statements?A. II and IIB. I and IIIC. II and IIID. I, II and III12. The purpose of simple linear regression analysis is to:A. Replace points on the scatterplot by a straight line.B. Predict one variable from another variable.C. Measure the degree to which two variables are linearly associated.D. Obtain the expected value of the independent random variable for a given value of the dependent variable.13. The strength of the linear relationship between two quantitative variables is determined by the value ofA. sB. aC. rD. s14. When you are testing hypotheses by using proportions, what are the most necessary requirements?A. = npB. np = 5 and nq = nqC. np =5 and nq =nqD. None of the above15. A soda-filling machine that fills 12-ounce bottles is tested for performance. The machine needs to undergo maintenance if the number of ounces of soda in each bottle exceeds 0.03 ounces. What test can we perform to conclude that the machine is functioning properly?A. One sample chi-square testB. One sample z-TestC. Two sample z-TestD. Two sample F-Test16. Random samples of size 36 were selected from population with a mean of 10 and variance of 9. What is the mean and standard deviation of the sampling distribution of the sample mean?A. Mean = 10 , Std = 1.5B. Mean = 10, Std = 3.5C. Mean = 10, Std = 0.5D. Mean = 10, Std = 3MathStatistics and Probability

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