7. If every row of a truth table contains False premises and False conclusions, the argument is:a. Inconsistentb. Valldc. None of the aboved. Invalid8. For the argument, “If this is a house, then this is blue. This is blue. So, this is a house” is considered:a. Invalidb. invalid and unsoundc. Valid, but unsoundd. Valid and sound10. For the argument, “If roses are red, then violets are blue. Roses are red. Therefore, violets are blue,”the argument is evaluated as:a. Invalidb. Inconsistentc. Validd. Sound11. Given the complex statement: D v (F & Not F), what is the truth-value of the entire statement?a. Trueb. Falsec. Depends only on the truth value of Dd. None of the above12. If the statement “V” is False in the complex statement “(~ D v ~ A) > (H v ~ V),” then what is thetruth-value of the complex statement?a. Trueb. Falsec. Undetermined13. The truth value of the statement “(M v ~ M) > B” is:a. Trueb. Falsec. Dependent on the truth value of Bd. None of the aboveMathStatistics and Probability PHIL 2105

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