5.17 LAB: Customized step counter Learning Objectives Create a… 5.17 LAB: Customized step counterLearning ObjectivesCreate a function to match the specificationsUse floating-point value divisionWrite a program to get the user input and call the custom function and produce the desired output using a format function to output the specified precisionInstructionsA pedometer treats walking 2,000 steps as walking 1 mile. It assumes that one step is a bit over 18 inches (1 mile = 36630 inches, so the pedometers assume that one step should be 18.315 inches).Let’s customize this calculation to account for the size of our stride. Write a program whose input is the number of steps and the length of the step in inches, and whose output is the miles walked.Output each floating-point value with two digits after the decimal point, which can be achieved as follows: print(‘{:.2f}’.format(your_value))Ex: If the input is:5345 18.315the output is:You walked 5345 steps which is about 2.67 miles.Your program must define and call the following function. The function should return the amount of miles walked.def steps_to_miles(user_steps, step_length)# Define your function here if __name__ == ‘__main__’:Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming CS 8

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